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Force Volleyball Club (FVC)

Force has long been one of the smaller area clubs with a strong presence scattered throughout. We will continue to strive to make the improvements and decisions to make sure our logo is something to be proud to have on your back. With our strong focus on organization and communication, we plan to slowly build one of the strongest clubs from top to bottom. We have always had the best on court facility in Cleveland, and now we are ready to match that tangible product with a character and mindset that will continue to grow both on and off and the court. 

What Changes Have Been Made?

We are excited to keep the parts that made Force spin, while adding a brand new "Flavor". Directors Dom Severino, Jeff George and our amazing staff will truly take an On the Court AND Off the Court approach to give each player and family what they need. We will continue to execute putting together the best possible staff no matter where you are at in your volleyball journey. 

  • 4 New Courts dedicated solely to our club

  • Full use of Hudl Assist for all Teams, Coaches and Players on Elite & National Teams

  • Newly constructed club office for both admin and team meeting usage

  • On site team spirit shop

  • Year-round online spirit store 

  • New agreement with Nike for Jersey Packages 

  • New payment and scheduling portal to keep all your registrations payments and schedules in the same easy place

  • Coming after the new year is a fully dedicated recruitment division

  • Fully open weight room and personal training facility dedicated to our club and their family members

  • Professional agreement for yearly team and individual pictures

  • Professional agreement for in tournament action pictures

Regional Philosophy 

Our regional teams play a local based tournament schedule while enjoying a strong focus from our staff on improving their game at both the individual and team levels. We are happy to include all additional training and performance perks for our regional teams as well.

American Philosophy 

American teams have a slightly more traveled schedule. Our training programs are all inclusive and are goals is to get our girls ready to take the next steps in years to come if they wish.

Elite Philosophy 

FVC Elite teams are high commitment & high-level teams with a stronger commitment with an extra team practice day as well as overnight tournament dates. We compete and train at a higher level in terms of skill and commitment. . 

National Philosophy 

National teams compete and train at the highest level and with the highest commitment. Majority of tournaments are overnight stays and full weekends. We train our National teams 3-4 days weekly with options for a 5th. 

Force Volleyball Club provides a program and a path for every level of player. Our focus is on strong organization off the court and commitment to personal development on the court.


Our year-round club offerings, both on the court and in the sand, give our players every opportunity to better themselves as a player-athlete.

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