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Force Volleyball Club will continue to grow into the premier club choice and location for all players to train, play and develop. A constant focus on detail oriented and a strong communication off the court, as well as an everlasting emphasis on individual development on the court. We are ready to take the next step in regrowing our brand to give all players and families an experience worth joining! 

FVC is ready for a change, are you?

Our Programs

Our Programs

Learn to Volley

Ages 4 - 8


Our Learn to Volley! program is for children ages 4 through 8 that are looking to be active, have some fun, and learn a little about the game of volleyball! Absolutely no experience is necessary.

Juniors Academy

Ages 8 - 14

Beginner - intermediate

The Force Juniors Volleyball League is an alternative to traditional the traditional club volleyball experience, especially for those newer to the game or multi-sport athletes who can't do a full club season!

Clinics & Camps

Ages 9 - 18

beginner - advanced

Throughout the year we offer a variety of skills clinics and camps for differing ages and skill levels.

Summer Beach League

Ages 12 - 18

beginner - advanced

Our Beach Volleyball league is a very player-centric/hands off league! No coaching, no refs, players keep their own score, and call the ball in/out honestly. It's a great way for players to get touches in during the summer and stay in shape without continued stress of the school/club team!

Junior Olympic Club

Ages 9 - 18

intermediate - advanced

Our JO Volleyball Club is for girls who want a full commitment to developing as a player in a team environment. Training in every facet of the game throughout the winter and spring months multiple times a week as well as traveling on weekends for tournaments. 

Beach Doubles Club

Ages 10 - 18

intermediate - advanced

Beach doubles (2v2) is an exciting volleyball format that is not only growing in northeast Ohio but is also a growing collegiate sport with scholarship offerings.

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